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Homage to Women

Homage to Women


In the beginning when the Great Architect was materializing the Universe, the days predestined to His Work were getting to an end. He had already manifested all the goodness of His prodigious imagination and, in order to do that, He had exhausted all the materials and tools allocated to that magnanimous task.


However, there was still a missing part of His Construction, it was the Woman. But, because all His resources had already been used, the Supreme Being found Himself facing a huge dilemma on how to proceed to materialize the last piece of His Magnum Opus.


Luckily, an Angel who was assisting Him, got close to Him and whispered some words on His ear and, at that time, God faced him with an eye that only His gratitude could express it and, simultaneously, He began His work to create a Woman and, in order to achieve that, He started to gather the following attributes available in the universe and began forming the New Being with…


The perfect curvature of the moon, the sinuous lines of rose petals, the constant vibration of waterfalls, the finesse of the condor's flight, the delicacy of the butterfly, the lightness of snowflakes, the blooming of spring time, the happiness of sunflowers, the tears of morning's dew, the unpredictability of the wind, the euphoria of dogs, the shyness of rabbits, the vanity of peacocks, the softness of bird's chest, the vivacity of cats, the shine and toughness of diamonds, the sweetness of honey, the ardor of a lion, the sadness of the dark, the loneliness of remote places, the charity of the nature, the virtues of the sun, the wisdom of plants, the courage of the eagle and, in the structure, He added the warmth of a flame, the stable coldness of glaciers and the steadiness of the earth.


After that, He began the physical constitution by doing the face like the shape of moon, the forehead like a bow, the eyebrows like the neem tree, the eyes like the fish, the nose like a sesame flower, the lips round and delicious like the mango, the chin firm like a rock, the neck modeled like a shell, the waist slender like a lioness, the arms as strong and soft as a new stem, the breasts as perfectly modeled as the symmetry of an orange, the legs stiff and wiggly like a liana, teeth as shiny as brilliants, hairs long and soft like plumes, hands firm and delicate as violets,  feet steady and strong like wolves, then He added the sumptuous and graceful walk of a rooster, a voice harmonious like the bird's chirp and gentle touching like the summer breeze.


Besides, He blended equivalents doses of sensuality and spirituality, belief and intelligence, gracious forms and subtle feelings and as an amalgam to put everything together He added rivers of faith, seas of hope and oceans of love.


In addition to that, He was so satisfied and euphoric with His Own Work that He granted the Woman with the most revered attributes of all, the power to be the Genesis of Mankind.


Then, after He had concluded the last piece of His Venerable Work, God and the Angel, who was watching everything, exchanged a glance that words are not capable of expressing it because it filled the infinitum with the noblest possible molecules.


Finally, God granted to His last creation the Breath of Life and presented her to the world while He whispered to the universe the following axiom: "Women are a blessing that I am creating for Men and Men are a blessing that I am creating for Women".


CONGRATULATIONS to all women for the International Women's Day.


Love and Carpe diem,




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Cargnin dos Santos, Tadany. Homage to Women. ®



A corrupção é primogênita da nossa passividade, minha e tua. Precisamos aceitar o nosso dever de cidadãos para mudar as nefastas realidades que assolam a nossa pátria. (Tadany)
Tudo é mental. Nada existe além de nossa Consciência. (Tadany)
A arte é o orgasmo contínuo da Inteligência. (Tadany)

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