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  • New Grab Bag Features
  • Helpful Hints for your Pay Per Click Tasks
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New Grab Bag Features

We have made several enhancements to the Grab Bag, including a new feature that allows you to hide tasks in your Grab Bag that you don't want to do. When you are on the Grab Bag page, simply click the "Hide" button next to the task. You have the option of hiding the specific task that you clicked on or hiding all the tasks for that website (if you have more than one task for that site).

We have also increased grab bag availability, so be on the look out for more tasks. Bloggers should also be careful about over-checking the Grab Bag. If you check too often, you may get logged out, so be careful about refreshing the page too many times in a row. Remember, you can check to see if you have any Grab Bag tasks by going to your Blog List and clicking on the bag icon next to your blog.

Helpful Hints for your Pay Per Click Tasks

Many bloggers have been asking about the Pay Per Click tasks. These are tasks where you get paid whenever one of your readers clicks on the ad. We also have Pay Per Action tasks, where you get paid if one of your readers does something on the advertiser's site, like fills out a form. All you need to do is post a banner (picture) on your blog home page, and then link it to the URL assigned to you. A good idea is to put the link close to the top of your blog, so your readers will see and click on it. For more information and for directions about these tasks, read this article about PPC and PPA Task Tips.

Send Us Your Feedback

Confused about how the site works? Let us know! We are currently in the process of enhancing our Help Page, and we want your suggestions. Please let us know about any features of the site that you found confusing when you first joined or, if you're still new, let us know if you have any questions about how to use the site. Just send an email to with any suggestions, comments or questions that you have.

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